The Berean Call on “Psychology and Psychoanalysis” We want to offer mostly unqualified agreement with the two-part discussion published in the newsletter: "Psychology and Psychotherapy parts 1 & 2." Published in the January and February editions of the Berean Call Newsletter. We wrote: "However, I was surprised (pardon me if I missed it) that you omitted the Biblical basis for Christian … Continue reading The Berean Call on “Psychology and Psychoanalysis”

WSJ – The Perils of Empathy. (Seriously?)

Article at entitled The Perils of Empathy "In politics and policy, trying to feel the pain of others is a bad idea. Empathy distorts our reasoning and makes us biased, tribal and often cruel." "Empathy shuts down if you believe someone is responsible for their own suffering." Upon reflection, the particulars in the … Continue reading WSJ – The Perils of Empathy. (Seriously?)

The “-ites” of Ezra vs. the “-isms” of Today.

"Drifting back to scripture, worship and prayer away from authored books and media?!" I don't think it's other than the spirit saying: don't be looking at those lovely pagan ideas so much.

Detox Personality Disorder?

Detox Personality Disorder (our term) is an irrational state. It's "Ready-to-chew-yer-foot-off frustrated." The only thing crazier than being irrational? Is a rational person forcefully reasoning with a crazy person.


Is my numbness and pitiless perception of the homeless addict emblematic of my own addiction to self-satisfaction? Is condemnation helpful? Does incarceration work? When treatment fails, what then?


Is Psychological counseling (addiction, marriage, whatever) in conflict with Christian Faith? Secular Psychological Counseling? The short answer is yes.  Follow this link to a site affirming this position. Psychiatric methods have crept ever more prominently into our culture.  Psychology is used to market cat food to us by appealing to tastes the owners would prefer for themselves.  Social … Continue reading Psychology?