A Life Sentence — For what??!

If the War on Drugs hasn't been the biggest failed Domestic and Foreign Policy of the US Government in our history, what's been worse? It's cost way more lives than all of our wars since Korea -- and left families with no support! The Roderick Walker case is an extreme example of this failure -- read more in this post and call for his clemency at a Change.org petition.

NY Times: End Pot Prohibition

From The New York Times: The social costs of the marijuana laws are vast. There were 658,000 arrests for marijuana possession in 2012, according to F.B.I. figures, compared with 256,000 for cocaine, heroin and their derivatives. Even worse, the result is racist, falling disproportionately on young black men, ruining their lives and creating new generations of career … Continue reading NY Times: End Pot Prohibition

Fellowship is Evangelical – “Inside the Gate”

At our weekly meeting "Inside" we're blessed to see new faces - prospective members ... Owing to the way DOC operates our evening time slot we enjoy a long break midway through our 3 hour evening. So we blast worship music from an IPod through the guitar amp, fellowship and generally enjoy ourselves. Many private … Continue reading Fellowship is Evangelical – “Inside the Gate”