Prayers for Leaders? Prayers for Enemies.

Yes, we pray for our Leaders: That God will use them to accomplish His purposes. We pray: That he will hold them accountable for their graft, corruption, sins and crimes. That many will be awakened to a true understanding of right and wrong. That even those deceived in the past by wicked leaders - at every level - will be given a second chance to draw near the the truth.

And we pray for our enemies, especially ones who hold high offices and surround themselves with an enabling army of sycophants.

Faith versus Secular Society — ACLU Survey Copy

Having posted earlier today about an awareness of the "Leaven of Barabbas" ... something notable came in the mail that illuminates another camp we all need to remain aware of. The American Civil Liberties Union is mining lists and vacuuming up members.  I scanned and posted these documents into a gallery you can view from within this … Continue reading Faith versus Secular Society — ACLU Survey Copy