My Dog’s vocabulary is bigger than mine.

God uses nature to show us who He is. It's everywhere in Scripture. And so, I've noticed that my dog's relationship with me is an allegory of my relationship with God. I am to Elsie as God is to me. Elsie is to me, like I am to God.  I said in an earlier post... But it … Continue reading My Dog’s vocabulary is bigger than mine.

Christ in AA?

So, specifically then, how does AA differ from Bible-based faith? (following text captured from a forum discussion at AA ~ The Broad Road of AA "To us, the Realm of the Spirit is broad, roomy, all inclusive; never exclusive, or forbidding...." Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 46. Bible ~ The Narrow Road of Christ "“You can … Continue reading Christ in AA?

Eternity is at stake

Simply put: the god of AA is not the same as Jesus -- who is the author and finisher, the central meaning and objective found in Christian scripture.   The positions and procedural elements developed by Bill W and Dr. Bob are most certainly rooted in Christian principles -- absent something of critical importance. AA … Continue reading Eternity is at stake