Jail Cell Rows
Prisoners no more! encourages people of faith and sobriety to join us.

If you have an interest in supporting recovery ministry in your area, we have many ideas.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can encourage and help you.  Use the contact page.  You’re welcome to comment in this blog!

If you’re interested in attending 12-step meetings in your area that are Christ-centered please try to find a “Celebrate Recovery” group.

Volunteers who serve in jail and prison ministries are always in short supply.  Celebrate Recovery operates meetings inside these institutions and your path to connect begins at those outside meetings (link just above, or in the links block at right.)

Prison Fellowship, started by Charles Colson (remember Watergate?) is an excellent non-denominational Bible-based group serving inmates and their families.  Start by visiting their site or contacting a local Chaplain that serves inside the Jails and Prisons.

Please let us know if this was helpful and — how we can be more helpful.  All of your feedback is welcome.

One thought on “Participate

  1. How can I plug into jail ministry in Medford Oregon. I just moved back to the rogue valley and attend Applegate. Any reference of people would be great!

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