Whole Lotta Love…

Hey... Thanks so much for the note! That's a ton of love just for loaning a guitar and old amp. I wish I could have stuck around. As a matter of fact it is you-all who are the blessing! Thank you http://razorwireministries.org for making the trip, for taking the time, for giving of your energy. Last evening … Continue reading Whole Lotta Love…

Portland at Center of new Heroin Epidemic

In a meeting (4/20 ) with the Shutter Creek Prison Superintendent, the local Parole Board Director and various staff, volunteers heard something that we should all contemplate. Law Enforcement Interagency planning is based on all kinds of Criminal Intelligence gathering, as one can imagine. In this case the context is Heroin. I wrote the following in … Continue reading Portland at Center of new Heroin Epidemic

NY Times: End Pot Prohibition

From The New York Times: The social costs of the marijuana laws are vast. There were 658,000 arrests for marijuana possession in 2012, according to F.B.I. figures, compared with 256,000 for cocaine, heroin and their derivatives. Even worse, the result is racist, falling disproportionately on young black men, ruining their lives and creating new generations of career … Continue reading NY Times: End Pot Prohibition

Something about Worship

Music is the language of Worship. At the Prison where I serve the administration has us take a 20 minute "facilities" break midway through our meeting time.   We turn up the Worship music, playing it through the guitar amp and enjoy fellowship. This past week it was my Guitar that became the center of three new … Continue reading Something about Worship

Bandon Retirement Community Ministry Opportunities

Yesterday, after "Hymns and Bible Stories" at Herritage Place (http://www.pacificviewsl.com) -- The coordinators asked: Could we come more frequently?  I hope we didn't hesitate when we said yes, but the truth is -- we're busy, and we're not sure how it will all work out. So, evidently the Lord is working.  I think I can … Continue reading Bandon Retirement Community Ministry Opportunities

On Christian Activism

We are ever more challenged to understand militant Christianity. ' “Defend the Bible?”  I would as soon defend a lion!  Unchain it and it will defend itself.' Charles Spurgeon. A Pastor we heard recently cajoled his congregation:  Defend God by challenging moral issues of our day, engage non-believers and suffer for the faith.  Protest, march, … Continue reading On Christian Activism

Lost & Found – Scene 2

Jail staff were generous, giving us a full hour to visit with the first group.  After we've had prayer, some are writing their names in a little book for the meeting leader -- he and his wife are devoted to praying each week for any who've renewed or begun a commitment to Christ.  And then … Continue reading Lost & Found – Scene 2

Lost & Found, God’s Children – Scene 1

Volunteering inside is a huge blessing. We're often asked "What's it like?" So this is an "installment" in a series of posts that will paint a picture. Scent 1 -- An attempt to outline an evening with prisoners. The scene: A rural county jail. This level of the justice system - is where prisoners begin their … Continue reading Lost & Found, God’s Children – Scene 1