Sanctuary for Saints or Hospital for Sinners?

In Mark chapter 7:1-12 Jesus has an encounter with Pharisees from Jerusalem. Their issue is that Jesus has fed bread to his disciples who are eating with unwashed hands. According to the Law they are defiled, simply for having been hungry. Is church a Sanctuary for Saints or Hospital for sinners? Well I think the … Continue reading Sanctuary for Saints or Hospital for Sinners?

It’s not the Dog, it’s the Disease

Rabies. A rabid dog is vicious, foaming and spitting, growling howling -- crazy. Enemies of God are like this -- but "it's not the Dog, it's the Disease." Jesus, who was there for creation and is God Himself - has a hand in every birth. Every person was born for a purpose and God loves … Continue reading It’s not the Dog, it’s the Disease

Give a hand…To help? Or just greet?

... if all I do is offer my hand to the stranger as a greeting at Church? With a disingenuous, superficial "God Bless You"? I'll never have to worry about being challenged, or about being attacked.

Otherwise, if I step out and actually try to help; If I'm willing to get messy - yup, there are risks. Not only to me, but to my "good reputation." The enemy will challenge me. And so I will know: I must be doing something right!


Is my numbness and pitiless perception of the homeless addict emblematic of my own addiction to self-satisfaction? Is condemnation helpful? Does incarceration work?

When treatment fails, what then?

“Separation of Church and State”– Christianity’s Codependency with Secular Government

All those affected by recent SCOTUS decisions: To end our codependency with government (and shed all those negative feelings and behaviors) -- we have to choose to depend on God.

A crust eaten in peace …

As opportunity presents itself, whose agenda am I pursuing?  When I invest myself and my time, who's kingdom benefits? Aesop -- a Grecian wise man lived 620-564 BC, wrote: "A crust eaten in peace is better than a banquet partaken in anxiety." Aesop may have borrowed from Solomon, who lived earlier (970 to 931 BC) and gave this proverb: "Better … Continue reading A crust eaten in peace …