Intentional Discipleship

...describing how discipleship works. This is a very, very messy business. Not sterile, but hands on. People come. They go. They come back. This is a battle and the sword of the Word cuts deeply. Warriors for God will have blood on their hands but survive to dance in the streets like David did.

No boundaries: Everyone Welcome

Many of the evangelical leaders - ones I love and respect - are painting borders. Putting up fences. To them, it's their job to assess me. I'm either in or out, from their perspective. If I believe one way or have this or that problem, I'm either welcome or not. Sounds like a "clique" at least. "Cult" is a tough term to swallow. But a big chunk of evangelical christendom totters on the brink of apostasy. Sounds like Pharisees are taking over, doesn't it?

I will. (…teach me to love!)

God gave us free will. Why? Foremost, love cannot exist absent free will. In our being we are free to love or hate. So what are some other purposes for and how do believers properly exercise one's free will? Forcing ourselves into obedience? Forcing ourselves to ...? "Though the fig tree does not bud and … Continue reading I will. (…teach me to love!)

Poll: Spiritual Life in the Balance

The question: what part of your life is Spiritual? How much of it is spent in the basic activities we find in scripture: "...and (we) will give our attention to prayer and the ministry of the word." Acts 6:4 Adam walked and talked with the Lord -- a picture of private prayer Abraham walked, talked … Continue reading Poll: Spiritual Life in the Balance