On Getting Back to Church

Speaking from experience, there is nothing of my former life I wish to reclaim. Particularly? Allegiance to abusive relationships. There's no going back. Evangelicalism is an example. I'm a new creation, a child in God's eyes. If we are, as many Evangelical leaders proclaim - upon the cusp of the end of the age? What … Continue reading On Getting Back to Church

Groan Quietly

"Groan quietly; do not mourn for the dead." Remain quiet? Politically taciturn? A conscious decision to not engage arguments with Radical "Christian" Political Activists? White Nationalist Tribalism - Political Extremism founded on False Christian exceptionalism and the Fear of Diversity. The Church is wading ever more deeply into apostasy, embracing toxic politics and pseudo-science. An … Continue reading Groan Quietly

Intellectual Sloth

Deliberate argumentative fabrication in the face of truth is sin. Slothful thinking - for instance using biblical allegory as a basis for thinly veiled "scientific proofs" and the deliberate, incorrect interpretation of observable fact - is simply lying.

Prayers for Leaders? Prayers for Enemies.

Yes, we pray for our Leaders: That God will use them to accomplish His purposes. We pray: That he will hold them accountable for their graft, corruption, sins and crimes. That many will be awakened to a true understanding of right and wrong. That even those deceived in the past by wicked leaders - at every level - will be given a second chance to draw near the the truth.

And we pray for our enemies, especially ones who hold high offices and surround themselves with an enabling army of sycophants.

This Sunday: Politics from the Pulpit?

We've seen several pastors we follow post on messages they plan for this coming Sunday and have previewed notes that some supply... oh dear. "Why, we wonder, and how, did revolutionary-era Americans choose to adopt a radical regime of religious freedom? Their reasons did not rely on any idealistic consensus that religion must be separate from politics … Continue reading This Sunday: Politics from the Pulpit?