Nexus: Mysticism Serves Ignorance

... the issues of this age are reflections of the very ones Jesus faced with Judaism. We are witnesses in our time to a core of zealous, false evangelical mysticism that serves as the foundation for a bloated cult of ignorance and denial.

Intellectual Sloth

Deliberate argumentative fabrication in the face of truth is sin. Slothful thinking - for instance using biblical allegory as a basis for thinly veiled "scientific proofs" and the deliberate, incorrect interpretation of observable fact - is simply lying.

“But what I have, I give you…”

It's great to be healthy, wealthy and wise. God has blessed you. But have no pity on the sick, poor and stupid - who are beneath contempt. 'They' have done something to bring God's disfavor and condemnation. You are a CHINO. Christian in Name Only.