Another Dogly Thought

When I give treats to my Dog it's for one of three reasons. First, she's always asking. Next, she really deserves a treat for doing all the right stuff. Finally, I just plain love her and want to let her know how much I appreciate her. Invariably her reaction is the same. Her face brightens, … Continue reading Another Dogly Thought

And Dog Said: “It’s Today!”

Elsie is completely aware of the morning miracle -- She wakes up and bouncing around she communicates: "we're alive and have another chance to do something for God." She has this infectious attitude, and I love her for it. "It's Today!" "Today!", even if it's Monday? Depends on how I see my problems, doesn't it? If … Continue reading And Dog Said: “It’s Today!”

God is steadfast. My dog wishes I was.

The best manner of training my dog is to be consistent. In fact, she picks up on patterns I don't intend to train her on. Nevertheless she's aware of changes to my pattern and it affects her.  It's best when I'm consistent. But I'm not. My inconsistency is confusing to her. In my relationship with … Continue reading God is steadfast. My dog wishes I was.

Further Dogly Thoughts…

When I think about it, most places don't let me bring my dog. We understand (sort of.) For instance it's conventional to think that taking a dog into a restaurant is a 'health' hazard. But Elsie is everywhere at home and we're never sick. Motels are another example. If you've ever had to look for a "pet friendly" … Continue reading Further Dogly Thoughts…