Self-appointed Censors: Truth in Social Media

"Orwell’s predictions regarding societal censorship in the digital era are increasingly coming to fruition. Social media companies that were once content merely to regulate speech are increasingly claiming the right to define truth itself." Kalev Leetaru in Forbes Mag. Link below. Elsewhere in this blog I have previously discussed "Truth by Consensus" on how Google … Continue reading Self-appointed Censors: Truth in Social Media

Bible Versions – Which is best?

Preface: We are happy to receive permission to publish a treatment of the subject "Which Bible version is Better" by a Bible Scholar we are blessed to know personally. Especially since the question never seems to go away.  Sharing this excellent, very reasonable, detailed opinion seems worth while! The original text (link just below) has … Continue reading Bible Versions – Which is best?

Sabbath Rest. Couch Potato TV Zombiance?

Kristin just coined a new term that represents the utterly discharged state we sometimes encounter. It results in our shuffling around, sort of aimlessly not-doing. Too tired to remain attentive to anything complex. That atmosphere is "Zombiance." Sometimes we "unplug" and try to let nothing interfere with our rest day mood. Just have to recharge the … Continue reading Sabbath Rest. Couch Potato TV Zombiance?