Examine Ourselves

“I have to do something about my situation” is a work of this flesh, anchored in a willful sense of personal power. But I surrendered to Jesus. I have no power of my own. It’s pride sneaking in. And that comes before a fall. Humbly, I serve … or I can’t serve at all.

Recovery Community Meetings. The Biblical Basis.

Many of us are aware that Bill and Bob started AA in 1935. Their fellowship originated in a faith-based understanding that those beset by similar problems are best suited to help each other. It wasn't until 1946 and the adoption of the "Traditions" that AA distanced itself from overtly Protestant theology. The objective of this … Continue reading Recovery Community Meetings. The Biblical Basis.

Detox Personality Disorder?

Detox Personality Disorder (our term) is an irrational state.

It's "Ready-to-chew-yer-foot-off frustrated."

The only thing crazier than being irrational? Is a rational person forcefully reasoning with a crazy person.


Is my numbness and pitiless perception of the homeless addict emblematic of my own addiction to self-satisfaction? Is condemnation helpful? Does incarceration work?

When treatment fails, what then?

A crust eaten in peace …

As opportunity presents itself, whose agenda am I pursuing?  When I invest myself and my time, who's kingdom benefits? Aesop -- a Grecian wise man lived 620-564 BC, wrote: "A crust eaten in peace is better than a banquet partaken in anxiety." Aesop may have borrowed from Solomon, who lived earlier (970 to 931 BC) and gave this proverb: "Better … Continue reading A crust eaten in peace …

CRI Thanks Sutherlin CR Group

We were able to visit, give a bit of our story and importantly -- discuss CRI dependency on CR -- how Celebrate Recovery Inside needs visitors and volunteers and our source is CR in the community. But also talked about what it's like to volunteer and how CR serves as bridge back into the community for … Continue reading CRI Thanks Sutherlin CR Group