Groan Quietly

"Groan quietly; do not mourn for the dead." Remain quiet? Politically taciturn? A conscious decision to not engage arguments with Radical "Christian" Political Activists? White Nationalist Tribalism - Political Extremism founded on False Christian exceptionalism and the Fear of Diversity. The Church is wading ever more deeply into apostasy, embracing toxic politics and pseudo-science. An … Continue reading Groan Quietly

Reflections on Sept. 26th National Day of Prayer

40 years since Jerry Falwell founded the "Moral Majority" as an evangelical tool for social engagement. I enjoyed reading various posts and followed local involvement / support for the Saturday Day of Prayer (Sept 26th.) Some of this stuck in my mind, and after prayer - this is a collection of those impressions. First, and notably, … Continue reading Reflections on Sept. 26th National Day of Prayer

Testimony of Many Witnesses

The truth of any matter must be established on the testimony of witnesses. And witnesses cannot testify of themselves. Sola Scriptura - citing only scripture - is therefore, unbiblical… according to an a-priori theorem that scripture itself instructs requires witnesses. And this is corroborated because these instructions are of Jesus himself.

Financial Scavengers; Emptied Churches.

And now, in our lifetime! The Lord has once again flushed scavengers from the branches of the mustard tree. Many churches will be silent, empty this Easter Sunday. A kind of forced reverence has descended upon places of worship that is unprecedented.

Putting Aside Differences

Love my enemy? That seems so far beyond what I can muster. I am prone to act in unloving ways toward others different from myself. Politics separates us. Faith does too. Facts I choose to believe (Science or denial) put's almost insurmountable barriers between us.