Testimony of Many Witnesses

The truth of any matter must be established on the testimony of witnesses. And witnesses cannot testify of themselves. Sola Scriptura - citing only scripture - is therefore, unbiblical… according to an a-priori theorem that scripture itself instructs requires witnesses. And this is corroborated because these instructions are of Jesus himself.

Nexus: Mysticism Serves Ignorance

... the issues of this age are reflections of the very ones Jesus faced with Judaism. We are witnesses in our time to a core of zealous, false evangelical mysticism that serves as the foundation for a bloated cult of ignorance and denial.

Financial Scavengers; Emptied Churches.

And now, in our lifetime! The Lord has once again flushed scavengers from the branches of the mustard tree. Many churches will be silent, empty this Easter Sunday. A kind of forced reverence has descended upon places of worship that is unprecedented.