The Narrow Way Podcast

A discussion of Matthew 5:10 Going deeper to the layers of the spiritual battle against our own flesh. To hunger and thirst means enduring a fast from things that we used in the past to satisfy our urges. There is pain in the process. "By faith put to death the sins of the flesh."

The Narrow Way Podcast

A discussion of Matthew 5:7. Having obtained mercy we owe merciful action in our relationships. Having obtained comfort, we are to use the comfort we have received to comfort others. Now that the God-shaped hole in my heart is full to overflowing, how do I help others make to the spring of living water?

Testimony of Many Witnesses

The truth of any matter must be established on the testimony of witnesses. And witnesses cannot testify of themselves. Sola Scriptura - citing only scripture - is therefore, unbiblical… according to an a-priori theorem that scripture itself instructs requires witnesses. And this is corroborated because these instructions are of Jesus himself.