On Getting Back to Church

Speaking from experience, there is nothing of my former life I wish to reclaim.

Particularly? Allegiance to abusive relationships. There’s no going back. Evangelicalism is an example.

I’m a new creation, a child in God’s eyes.

If we are, as many Evangelical leaders proclaim – upon the cusp of the end of the age? What can we discern from the reflections observable in Christ’s time?

  • Who’s ears are itching? (What do they attend church expecting to hear?)
  • Which doctrines are ascendent – over the gospel for the poor?
  • Has the love of many waxed cold?
  • Are a mans enemies the members of his own household?
  • Is hate preached from Evangelical pulpits the abomination of desolation standing in the place it does not belong?

Being awakened to the truth, the end of the “church age” is akin to the clearing skies of a long foggy walk. It’s a bit scary, to reckon where we are, and hear the still, small voice … this is not what we were expecting!

The comfort of genuine fellowship is so rare!! All phoniness is past.

What now? Well, particularly regarding questions of worship: To what are we attached? Institutions of men, or the person of the Son of God?

“Son of man, with one blow I am about to take away from you the delight of your eyes. Yet do not lament or weep or shed any tears. Groan quietly; do not mourn for the dead.”

On the death of Ezekiel’s wife…

I say walk away, see who seeks to be your friend – while you follow your calling. If our former church mates are wont to stay in touch? Perhaps they were never true friends.

One thing – and this will be painful for nearly every Evangelical leader – much like the account of the rich young ruler – “There is one thing you lack.” The metaphor is unmistakable – the first thing Christ does upon entering the temple? Overturn the carts of the money changers. The Church as a wealth creation business must die.

Orphans are poor, hungry and thirsty. We have need of foot washing.

Shall we start there?

One thought on “On Getting Back to Church

  1. “Forgiveness doesn’t come with a debt” ~ M.C. Carpenter, lyric in “I Take My Chances”

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