The Narrow Way Podcast

Relational Truth
With God, Ourselves and Others.

A discussion of Matthew 5:10. Persecution?” Jesus discusses the temporal aspect of being persecuted for “righteousness sake.” And there is the deeper layer of the spiritual battle against our own flesh. To hunger and thirst means enduring a fast from things that we used in the past to satisfy our urges. There is pain in the process. “By faith put to death the sins of the flesh.”

Summer 2020, Episode 8.

An examination the life and the message of Christ, how the record fits together to give a picture of the Kingdom of God. Includes a few suggestions on where to read more, and meditate on the big question: Do sense that knowing God means I need to adjust my relationship with myself. If I do? What’s that mean?

On truth in our relationships; Threading the eye of the needle. Walking the path of God, the “Narrow Way.”

“Blessed are you when you are persecuted for righteousness sake, for yours is the Kingdom of Heaven.” Mt. 5:10

This goes out with hope for a blessing in every ear.

With more than a decade of service ministering “inside the gate” at prisons and jails, David has worked with Prison Fellowship and Celebrate Recovery. He is a Blackbelt 12-step veteran. David takes a “Back to the basics” approach to understanding relationships with God, ourselves and others. This is the “Narrow Way.”

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