He Only Loves You

I just have to record this.

“If I may but touch his garment, I shall be whole.”

Matthew 9-21

A couple of weeks ago, a person in state custody (jail inmate) that we’ve seen periodically the past number of years arrived at our bible study. His face wet with tears of joy, he could hardly hold back hugs (we’re not supposed to touch prisoners.)

No matter where we are, meeting with God is as simple as speaking honestly with Him.

When we had a moment to talk he confided to our group: That as he sat distressed upon his bunk, finding himself yet again in the place he doesn’t wish to be … he called out to the Lord.

“Lord” he said “If you’re really there, if you are who you say you are… I need to hear from you. I really need to know you’re there.”

And as he sat in silence he turned over his bible, viewing the front cover. He found himself contemplating the acronym we often recite – BIBLE means – “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.” And then heard an unprovoked voice recite the rest to him:

HOLY means “He Only Loves You.”

Prisoner in County Jail

None of us had ever heard that one. We were pretty much blown away.

And he continued describing his encounter saying that “deep in his soul he truly realized that God doesn’t condemn him for living wrongly, but God weeps over our sins because He loves us. This fellow realized that how he behaves, how he treats others, what he does and even thinks about – affects God. For the first time in his life he grasped what it meant to be in a relationship with his creator.

“Come and see, Lord,” they replied. Jesus wept. Then the Jews said, “See how he loved him!”

John 11:34-36

He said he also realized that if he didn’t get real with God his life might end in emptiness. He realized the consequences of living wrongly. His words were:

If I die in my sin, I won’t be able to talk to the one who loves me the most. Truly: If life was fair, I’d be dead. Forever separated from God. I should be dead and gone. Man! Has Jesus been good to me. The whole time I’ve lived like a fool, He’s been waiting for me and keeping going.


We spoke about making the commitment to live for Christ. How simple is is: Just the matter of seeking him, reaching out to “touch the hem of Jesus’ garment” (Mt. 9:20), speak to Him like a friend. Grace flows. And healing power begins to work in our lives. We’re changed from the inside out. When we fall in love with Him because He first loved us? It changes everything.

We love Him because He first loved us.

1 John 1:19

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