Best Wishes

Ah the night darkness, darkest before dawn

    …Shadow’s longest dwelling, this solstice pain

Now! Shivering, chills. Season coldest before Spring

When weakest faith tested, shown strong

   …Through snows hold. Then! Wash’d warm rains

And failing hope, restored, our rejoices bring.

Bartimaeus 2018

Merry Christmas! Happy New year!

Our best wishes. May this Christmas season afford us all the opportunity to reflect on the lesson of nature, which is, after all, the Creator’s first and favorite witness. That in these weeks of short days and darkest nights, as we begin the yearly ache for Spring … we might genuinely encounter the meaning of Christ’s birth for us.

Few would argue: Our politics are darkened, our climate is wheezing, our friendships are tested and sadly, even ended – in the cauldron of polarized notions. If we could for a few short weeks get past the hype, flashing neon and commercialization, past the greed and anger and angst…

If we could just get past our compulsive self-seeking,  we might remember some of the things that really matter.

Family. Friends. Health. Helping others in need. A chance to provide a merciful help-up along the way for a stranger we will never again see … responding to another’s fear and pain by absorbing a blow instead of retaliation.

The love of God and the service of his son Jesus are reflected back to us in these humble, simple acts. The very breath of life, as fleeting as it is, is so precious. We are filled with gratitude for the opportunity, the chance to live meaningfully.

We hope you’re able to pay the season forward in a way that brings the true nature of this time into a genuine, authentic understanding of what the Creator intended us all to enjoy.

Let us not surrender ourselves to hopeless fear that darkness never ends. Instead, lets rest in the assurance that each day is a new beginning. And this dark season – whatever that means for each of us – is followed by Springs’ fragrant breeze. New life is just a breath away.

Love always,

Kristin & David

“My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, for he has been mindful of the humble state of his servant.” Luke 1:46-48

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