A few words at parting

Transcript (edited for clarity) of a note passed to volunteers by an inmate … MUST READ.

(Fellows), I wanted to thank you guys, I hope I get the names right. I came to jail (date redacted) a very broken man. I didn’t know what to do or where to go in life. I had no one to turn to, no one I thought cared. I was scared for my future. Scared I would spend the rest of my days battling these feelings alone.

I went to “Church” (in the jail) the first Friday, you guys talked about the Parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:25-37. It wasn’t so much as the words that were in the lesson, but the conviction as which they were spoken by the four of you. I could tell immediately that you all had had your own special struggle in life, or faith-building adversity as the Bible refers to it.  It was your guys’ struggle that brought you to the Lords light that intrigued me. I saw the pain in your eyes as you spoke individually about your turning points. I’m a really good judge of character, everything about the message you were passing to us told me that when the Lord lit up your hearts, the feelings you were left with appeared indescribable. The only thing left for you guys to do was to pass that gift of unimaginable blessing to as many people that would accept it. Through your salvation I have found mine.

I no longer fear, or am depressed, angry or anxious about what to do in the future, for the first time in years all these emotions fell away and I am content. No, I am excited for my life ahead. I couldn’t leave without telling you how much the Lord touched my hardened heard through your words. I requested a prayer each week for strength beyond strength – at the time – I didn’t know what I meant until now. It was the Holy Spirit. Now my job is to become the next generation messenger.   – B.D.

Editors: Names dates and sometimes other information must be redacted for privacy reasons. Truly, this ministry is overflowing with God’s grace.

A message passed by an inmate to Prison Fellowship Volunteers.

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