Vote. By The Spirit of God.

In recent weeks we’ve been accosted by church friends on the right edge of the political spectrum. At Sunday services we’ve received conservative “voter’s guides” (link below) and seen them distributed at weekday Bible studies. We’re sick of partisan texts and emails and Facebook posts.  (site requires registration in order to obtain their “voter’s guide.”)

Government “of the people, by the people and for the people” stands in stark contrast to the Monarchy of Christ. Jesus is the one, the only, truly benevolent King. The republic we live under operates by the consent of the governed, not by decree or by coercion.

We are a nation of emigrants gathered in hope, not cloistered in fear.

We have not submitted to an oligarchy of the wealthy, who aspire to be overlords among serfs. Both in Church and in Politics!

At least not yet.

Before Christ, God’s people were under the law, observed by judges. God’s instructions were clear.

“This is what the Lord Almighty said: ‘Administer true justice; show mercy and compassion to one another. Do not oppress the widow or the fatherless, the foreigner or the poor. Do not plot evil against each other.’ “Zechariah 7:7

A Spiritual Voter’s Self-Proclaimed Manifesto

As a true believer I joyfully vote according to my understanding of God’s intent. I am FOR:

  1. True Justice. No one is above the law. Wealth is no prerequisite to fair treatment under the law. Justice is color-blind and deaf to faith.
  2. Protect people. I care especially for the weak, powerless and disenfranchised. “The common welfare” concerns our commitment to widows, orphans and the poor (among others.) Strangers and aliens who either already live, or desire to live among us, are favored of the Lord and must not be oppressed.
  3. Protect freedom. Free will is given by God. People must be free to choose and allowed to suffer consequences. A gracious God always forgives and is merciful – not requiring harsh judgement – not requiring the full price be paid. Conversely, God paid the price for our freedom. We are free to love, to associate, to care for ourselves, our families and those we wish to help.  Free to choose, free to carry.
  4. Protect Creation. The universe is God’s first and primary witness, followed by His word as recorded by men since Moses. The earth and all that is in it must be preserved for future generations. Greed and avarice in faceless profiteering is incompatible with sustainability.
  5. Protect Access. To the voting booth, to education and to healthcare. Willful corruption and selective ignorance as practiced by influentially wealthy people is best counterbalanced by multitudes of an analytical, thinking, educated populace.
  6. Protect Institutions. Three equal branches of government and the “Fourth Estate.” We are free to express ourselves, except when a voice harms or injures another. We should be free of governmental interference in our personal affairs.
  7. Protect Fairness. Personal economic expression and aspiration is encouraged. Free markets require regulations that protect us from agencies and organizations harmful to us. Designs to unduly influence the republic or profit by unfair means must be prevented.

Believers on the Left – also people we respect – are less vocal. They are voices for the Spirit – voting by the true nature of God – And they seem to be nearly absent from politics. Nobody is pounding us with “Liberal Christian Voting Guides.” We believe this is a supernatural expression of who God is. The true church grows by the still, small voice of the Spirit and the power of attraction. Cajoling has no place.

Representatives of the Conservative Right, supported by clergy – are empowered, confrontational and zealous. I’ve written about the “Leaven of Barabbas”. Beware. The essential underpinning is to be “against.” Conservative zealots, stand against their perception of “cultural decline and corruption.”

Fear is the tyranny that wills to legislate morality.

We maintain that secular society is entitled to do whatever its people will.

Godliness comes from within. It cannot be imposed from without.

Fortunately for us all, Government was designed by the Founders to serve the people against tyranny. And so by voting we insist that it does.

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