Citizenship? On the Census Form?

You can make your sentiments known by filling out a very simple form at the Census Bureau. Here’s the link:

Add your comments to the US Census – Should they require Citizenship info?

You’ll get back an email that contains a comment tracking number like the info below. This message contains our comments to the Census Bureau on the question of having the Citizen Status question.

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Agency: Bureau of the Census (USBC)
Document Type: Nonrulemaking
Title: 2020 Census Federal Register Notice
Document ID: USBC-2018-0005-0001

Do not require Citizenship status.

Given the objectives and the uses for census data, it’s my opinion that requiring citizenship status will interfere with census accuracy.

Why? A climate of fear has been created affecting non-citizens. This intimidates this population of residents to the point of selectively preventing the collection of census data on them.

Not collecting information on them will diminish the usefulness of the census data.

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