The Berean Call on “Psychology and Psychoanalysis”

We want to offer mostly unqualified agreement with the two-part discussion published in the newsletter: “Psychology and Psychotherapy parts 1 & 2.” Published in the January and February editions of the Berean Call Newsletter.

We wrote:

“However, I was surprised (pardon me if I missed it) that you omitted the Biblical basis for Christian Self-help. In 2Cor. 7:1 Paul expresses an unavoidable principal that somewhere past exposition and beyond doctrine lies personal application. He begins “Therefore, since we have these promises…” — WE have promises. And then continues “… let us purify ourselves from everything…” — PURIFY OURSELVES. A critical notion that we hold is the instruction given by James “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.” Ja. 5:16a.

We have the power and our will has been reoriented through the unequivocal Grace of God. In other words, if one is Ready and Willing, God gives the Power. We are to apply these things in our lives, together — for healing. Sometimes healing takes a lot of work, perhaps over decades.

Unfortunately, most Believers attend Churches that are “Sanctuaries for Saints” and not “Hospitals for Sinners.” In fact very few operate according to the latter. I speak from shameful (before the Lord) direct experience. Most of these congregations drive needy souls from fellowship by the misapplication of the notion “God will judge those sinners.” Paul says “Expel the wicked person from among you.” 1Cor 5:13.

Many years ago I was present in a group meeting (non-church) where that particular affiliation had commonly agreed that their objective was to engage life “using nothing that affects us from the neck up.” It made total sense. Surrender to God means living the life he created for me to live. Unaltered. And this thinking arrived for us way before professionals (or the Church!) questioned the broad use of psycho-active medication. Because this topic is largely either avoided or embraced by the “Church”, historically, I’ll cite some early secular examples that our recovery communities consumed: “Our Posthuman Future: Consequences of the Biotechnology Revolution” 2002 by Francis Fukuyama. And “Prozac Nation” Autobiography by Elizabeth Wurtzel published in 1994.

Therefore, I congratulate you on your learned dissertation in these two articles in your publication. This is a very angry can of worms. And one that can get people in trouble. One thing I emphasize on my website is for converts to NOT take themselves off of their prescribed medication. These are highly addictive substances and can be reduced, even eliminated under medical supervision. I hope no one presumes that suddenly stopping is a good idea.

If you don’t quite understand the breadth of what I’m speaking about, I deeply regret sounding cryptic. This matter has been on the radar for us in Christian “Recovery” work for decades. I’m no professional, just a volunteer and someone who’s experienced both ends of this pool.

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