This Sunday: Politics from the Pulpit?

We’ve seen several pastors we follow post on messages they plan for this coming Sunday and have previewed notes that some supply… oh dear.

“Why, we wonder, and how, did revolutionary-era Americans choose to adopt a radical regime of religious freedom? Their reasons did not rely on any idealistic consensus that religion must be separate from politics and instead owed everything to their deep suspicion of power in the hands of flawed humanity.”

The True Story of the Fight for Religious Equality in the US”  in

You will either enjoy this link or it will inflame your politics!

At least, you might avail yourself of an excellent historical perspective rather than regurgitate current political rhetoric.

Pastors, we trust that you understand that we care for you with the godliest love we have been granted.  We respect you very much.

We pray that you’ll receive these words and carefully consider – before the Lord – His truth and intent.

You know, we love being American. It’s an incredible blessing. But here’s the thing – as a committed believer I am no longer an American, I’m a Son of God,  a citizen of His Kingdom. I have revoked my status as an earthly patriot.

What this means is that as His servant, I will defend – to the death if needs are – the Laws of the Kingdom of God.

‘…the Holy author of our religion’ rejected earthly coercion. The law proclaimed that ‘our civil rights have no dependence on our religious opinions, any more than our opinions in physics or geometry’ – Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom 1776

A first and primary dispensation of God is free will. I will defend the right of others to exercise making their choices, even if they are bad ones. One cannot legislate morality. It’s why Jesus died, isn’t it?

I am my brother’s keeper only if we are conjoined in the Kingdom of God.

Given an opportunity, when I speak the truth to unbelievers it’s out of love and sympathy — like Jesus did.  But I do not owe service or have loyalty to the institutions of men. Particulary, I find myself in conflict with religious Pharisees on the subject of faith in politics. Jesus did also. However, He paid the temple tax and he is my example. It’s an important distinction, don’t you think? Should we discuss Mt.17:24-27? If this isn’t crystal clear, perhaps.

Quite in fact – and this is for you to ponder – God’s Kingdom is no democracy.  The representative republic we call the USA is perhaps an abomination in Gods eyes. (wow) The fact that men have claimed the mantle of faith, in no way affects the written effect of the constitution.

An illustration:

All men are in fact created equal. But all men do not serve God. Is the constitution is designed to protect all men or just some? The argument to persuade that some are protected and others not? Contains a false premise of citizenship. Citizen status is an article created by men to divide the beings God created, who are in fact equal.

Who’s business are you concerned with? For my part, national patriotism has nothing whatever to do with fidelity to God. I know these are very difficult issues.

I pray this perspective does not place us in opposition to your purposes or message this Sunday. I pray you aren’t drawn – and draw your listeners – into false ideation.

Yes, we are listening.

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