Inmate Poetry “A Changed Man”


We are always blessed to receive letters, most especially ones that share poetry.

Please keep them coming!


Thank you, Alex for blessing us with your work. God bless and keep you, brother.


“A Changed Man”
By Alex M Woolner

How shall I tell my story, without it causing tears
Or share with you my sorrows, and my triumph over fears

My tale is not just mine you see, it’s owned by many men
Those deceived by strength of pride, who turned from God to sin

I hope that as you listen, you’ll recognize in me
A goodness that is possible, in all of those you see

It started very slowly, I listened to a sound
That whispered: “It’s okay to do it”, there is no one around

And as I followed pleasures, that subtle voice was there
To drown away my conscience, and soon I didn’t care


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