Another Dogly Thought

When I give treats to my Dog it’s for one of three reasons.

First, she’s always asking.

Next, she really deserves a treat for doing all the right stuff.

Finally, I just plain love her and want to let her know how much I appreciate her.

Invariably her reaction is the same. Her face brightens, the tail wags – happiness overflows her personality. And once the treat is in her possession, she’s all about finding a spot out of the way to devote herself to enjoying that moment.

I wish I was this way with the blessings God pours out into my life.

First I wish I always recognized the blessings of God. I know I take much of my life for granted. I expect a lot. Sometimes I’m disappointed (and worse!) when my expectations aren’t met.

Next I wish I was really, really always busy with the stuff God enjoys seeing me do. I’m not. Actually, I’m pretty selfish. I spend a lot of “my time” satisfying myself. I’m simply not as devoted to serving the Kindom of God as I could be.

Finally, when God reaches down and touches my life pouring out un-adulterated love into my life, I’m like “Right, it’s about time.” As in: I’ve been hungry and thirsty where have you been. Turns out He’s always right where I left him. I just haven’t been seeking him. It’s like when I misplace my keys. For a while, no pressure. I sort of hope they’ll just show up for a while.

Later when the keys haven’t showed up, and it’s getting time to go? Mild panic. I start looking around. It’s getting late, I’m a little more frantic. I turn my energy toward remembering what I was doing, where I went, what was going on who I met, searching for my keys with real vigor.

Eventually I find those keys, right where I put them. And it’s like this with God. He’s always right there, waiting for me to return.

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