Churchy: Unsolicited Charity Mail

There have been some discussions recently about how the “church” is at a distance from meaningfully operating as Christ did. A post a last week outlines some of the concerns, but this goes much deeper. More on this soon, perhaps.

As if to emphasize the disconnect, a package came in the mail. It’s, like, right in our face… Anybody else have problems with this?

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By far, the most extravagant promotional mail we’ve ever received. Are these being sent to everyone who filled a shoe box last year? Anyway, you can get your own copy of these materials, for free – at the Samaritans Purse web (link.)

I really don’t want to know how much it cost to design, produce and ship this package to us.

Please! Don’t misunderstand me.

This post is not about the fact that Samaritans Purse actually sent such a package of materials. This post is about the conditions in the church that lead them to conclude that this manner of solicitation is “effective.”

Perhaps we’re asking what’s”effective” mean? What is that?

Sometime prior to the Christmas season, I presume we’ll watch the DVD in services… like we have the past several years.

But there will be no similar allocation of time given to anything having to do with the “aliens living among us” on the streets of our cities.

This post is made painfully, with an ache for answers – why doesn’t the Christmas Shoe Box make sense to us? Is something wrong with us? Or the idea of the shoe box being shipped thousands of miles away?

I suspect it has to do with “sterility” – it’s so much easier to send cheap gifts far away than it is to roll up one’s sleeves and get dirty with “our” local unwashed heathen.

Those words go together in some ways “effective” and “sterile.” Attributes of a lukewarm church.



One thought on “Churchy: Unsolicited Charity Mail

  1. Samaritan Purse may send a package to the on Teams of volunteers, but as far as I know, you have to request them. I wonder if someone you know got it for you.

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