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Matt Slick. CARM.ORG,

Thanks for your email announcing the addition of web content concerning “Addiction.” Please share these thoughts with Mr. Prigmore.

Decades of experience with addicts and alcoholics, AA / AlAnon and Christian 12-step programs has informed my awareness of what works and what doesn’t. (I’ve been personally involved in many programs.) In recent years, as a volunteer with Prison Fellowship serving in Jails and Prisons I’ve administered various Christian programming … and again, these have informed my awareness.

Confrontationalism simply isn’t helpful.

The definition of addiction is that in the face of the most dire consequences, one continues to use.

You will hear many stories of how people “found their bottom” and from there “recovery.” If the threat of consequences ever “cured” someone of their substance use — they were never addicts. They were simply substance abusers. A substance abuser faces ugly consequences and “comes to their senses” (Lu. 15:17) and chooses to return to the truth. These are prodigals. Some awareness of the truth exists in them. They are returning to it.

Please keep this in mind: Addicts don’t have choices. Addiction is the very definition of bondage. The only truth an addict understands is continuing to use. Something else has to “interfere” with this slavery and “set the captives free” (Is. 61.1)

Since I started operating (2002) I’ve asked: Why would I want to “recover” something of my previous life? What interests us in Christ is “Recreation” in His image.

The bottom line is this: Yes, many Churches have been “responding” to the “need” for ministries devoted to helping people obtain sobriety. Unfortunately, as is usually the case with most ministries, these are established by personalities with an agenda of “growing” their congregation. Not the best of intentions.

One hopes, though, that agencies such as CARM might wade through some of the deception and pit-falls to point the way to truly spirit-lead, evangelism for Jesus. Without further crowding your inbox by extending these comments, let me challenge you with the following observations that I hope you find useful.

As you have already understood there are three primary means of advancing the Gospel. Evangelism, Prophesy, and Apostleship – each serving unique aspects of the Church. Pastors and Teachers should be following a similar pattern engaging in Exposition, Doctrine and Application.

Assuming a given Church is “healthy” and lead with a real “fear of God” … One hopes to find that Services are devoted to Teaching “through the Bible, leaving nothing out.” We know this as genuine “Exposition”.

Further, that there is a place for small group studies … and oftener than not these will be devoted to topical studies of the “Doctrines and the Truths of Faith.”

What most Churches lack, and why the incorporation of “Self-help” traditions are so dangerous — is in the Application of Gods Word in our lives. Gods word instructs us clearly on how to obtain healing from “Hurts, Habits and Hangups” (to quote one program I’ve used.) One only need look as far as the “Word Network” on TV to see how this truth is sometimes mis-used. Still, even by those teachers, Christ sometimes shines through.

Good luck with your incorporation of this new subject area into CARM.

God Bless,

David G.
“I am redeemed into the Kingdom of God, His willing servant, a slave no more.”

On Wed, Jul 20, 2016 at 8:44 AM, Matt Slick <info> wrote:


Islam and the Quran

With ever increasing incidents of terrorism around the world committed by Muslim extremists, the subject of Islam seems to always be in the forefront of our cultural conversations these days. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but those who are, draw their teachings straight from the Quran. Christians today more than ever need to be prepared to address the truth about the Quran and the so-called “religion of peace“. We have recently added several articles about mythical sources used by the author of the Quran that prove it could not be the word of God, such as the Gnostic myths that inspired the Quran’s denial of Jesus Crucifixion and unbiblical Jewish legends about Cain and Able and King Solomon that the Quran reports as history. I have also posted a response to a question about our own beliefs I was asked by a Muslim recently, “Did God become mortal?“. It is my sincere hope and prayer that these and our other article will help you to be better prepared to engage with Muslims in our communities for the sake of the gospel.


12 Step Programs and a Christian Response to Addiction

Alcoholism and other destructive addictions are a huge and growing problem in our culture, and it is vital that local churches respond to these issues in our communities with gospel centered compassion. With the best of intentions, many churches have turned to Alcoholics Anonymous as a partner or have sought to emulate their approach to dealing with substance abuse and addiction. There are important worldview issues at the core of these programs, however, that churches need to know about and carefully consider as we strive to be as biblical as possible in our addiction ministries. To this end, my good friend Chad Prigmore, founder of Recovery Reformation, is working with us to produce a new section on Alcoholics Anonymous and Christian addiction ministry which ministries which we will be expanding. We hope this is helpful to you as we seek to honor Christ in the way we minister to people caught up in addictions.

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