Sabbath Rest. Couch Potato TV Zombiance?

Kristin just coined a new term that represents the utterly discharged state we sometimes encounter. It results in our shuffling around, sort of aimlessly not-doing. Too tired to remain attentive to anything complex. That atmosphere is “Zombiance.”

Sometimes we “unplug” and try to let nothing interfere with our rest day mood. Just have to recharge the batteries, you know?

A pastor and his wife on their way out of town left us a note quoting:

“Then, because so many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat, he said to them, ‘Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.'” Mk. 6:31.

We don’t celebrate “Sabbath” on Saturday. Actually we try to have a restful lifestyle in general.

But! There are some who devote themselves to a ton of rule-following on their “Sabbath.” Including deciding that it happens one particular day of the week. Part of me wants to congratulate them for being so “in-control” of their lives. Meaning: How can you schedule it so well, and in advance? Are you really that “together?”

I pretty much go to bed and get up the next morning by a clock. Why is that that taking a rest day is less predictable? A true rest day is something that feels amazing.

Perhaps rest comes after completion, finishing … being past, have overcome a particular difficulty.

Afterward, I have permission and the space and time to enjoy recuperation. A true rest day is to “Come away with me by yourselves” – which is to say a day devoted to gazing on Christ. In that context, I’m grateful and full of joy in having “passed through.”

So, another part of me is nauseated by the idea that a day of rest is a labor of laborless-ness. I have to work hard in preparing not to work. I’ve had “vacations” like that. And while I’m forcefully “not-doing” my mind dwells on the things I left undone because it was time to rest.

Vacations have been like this: Afterward I have had to rest up from my vacation.

That idea of resting is something I schedule? Doesn’t “rest easy” with me. I rest when I need to. And I enjoy being busy the remainder of the time. I enjoy being busy particularly when I’m serving the Kingdom of God.

To “come away with by yourselves” is not an atmosphere of “Zombaince” in front of TV.



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