Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Black, White, Red Green


Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Conquest, War, Famine & Death, an 1887 painting by Viktor Vasnetsov. The Lamb is visible at the top

Regarding questions on Arab flag colorations – some items of interest.

First, a link that establishes the origin of the use of Black, White, Red and Green:

Notably that the flag using those colors was designed by a Brit. in 1916. (100 years ago.) Which was also a very important date range for Jews because it was followed in 1917 by:

There are lots of references to the Horsemen online, but very few link the colors of the Arab flags to Apocalypse. Interestingly – among the better written (with citations), is one by a friend Jeff (cc’d) see his page here:

Impressive, Jeff!

Today, the black flag of ISIS is a direct throw-back to the black flag of Mohammed.

I’m unfamiliar with him, but Steve Ciocclanti speaks on this:

He has received a limited amount of attention but some “watchmen” are using his exposition to start date setting from June of this year…

Joyce Myer (we put her on the tube while we’re having coffee) was this morning saying that it’s an Honor to live in the “end times.”

One notes that 1967 (the year Israel controlled Jerusalem, 50 years after the Balfour Decl.) fulfilled some important prophecies -Statistically, the Year of Jubilee which recurs in 50 year intervals has been important to the Jews… Is this a frame of reference to watch for in 2017?

This citation of ” Fox’s Book of the Martyrs” records that Nero’s persecution of the Jews began in AD 67.


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