God is steadfast. My dog wishes I was.

The best manner of training my dog is to be consistent. In fact, she picks up on patterns I don’t intend to train her on. Nevertheless she’s aware of changes to my pattern and it affects her.  It’s best when I’m consistent.

But I’m not. My inconsistency is confusing to her.

In my relationship with God I know that he is steadfast. The problem is, that in my inconsistency, I’m not always paying attention. He never waivers. If I’m alert, I can learn from him. Sometimes I don’t want to. It’s not long and then I need Him again.

Jesus is the same, yesterday, to day and forever. Heb 13:8

Gods consistency is comforting to me.

In the movie the “Shoes of the Fisherman” – Anthony Quinn (as the pope) counsels a female character on lost love. “Love is right where you left it.”

God is right there, waiting. Right where I left Him – Ready and hoping I’ll return and follow His way.

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