Police officer assaults girl in HS classroom…

From the NY Times … Video of Police Officer Arrest of Child in Classroom.

Here’s the thing…

What parent assaulting their child in this manner, say in the grocery store (a public place) wouldn’t be arrested?

It’s remarkable that the ‘rules of engagement’ are so disproportionately understood.

I’d enjoy reading thinking people discuss redefining police ‘rules of engagement.’ Perhaps something simple like meeting citizen defiance with only equal or lesser force. Essentially no excuses: “Do not fire upon unless fired upon.” Which amplifies the common law of ‘self defense.’

A police state is preceded by citizens abdicating responsibility. For my part I’m tiring of observing “Law Enforcement” that includes unquestioned components of perpetrator punishment.

An example of how undue force endangers us all: Police high speed chases for simple traffic infractions. If they have the plate number and other tech to locate the car and owner(?) … leave the offender to later arrest, under controlled circumstances.

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