Opportunity for a guy with guitar & amp to bless Prisoners… Prison Fellowship Seeks Volunteers

Until now, there has been no prisoner "worship band" at Shutter Creek Prison. Yet, there are examples of them throughout ODOC. Thanks to Chaplain Von Lobedan, things are changing.

The intention is to keep things (very) simple and spread around an opportunity to lead worship… A Worship Leader (guy with a guitar) can arrive, plug-in, run through with the "band" and then give service. Volunteers are out the gate well before 11:00 a.m.

Details like songs, how to get inside, and other stuff requires coordination … we can discuss if you’re interested.

Prison Fellowship (http://prisonfellowship.org) staffs a "Church Meeting" Saturday Mornings from 9-10:30. (The 7th-Day folks meet sometime later in the afternoon.) So "plug-in" would be sometime between 7:30 and 8:00am. Run-through ending about 8:45.

Normally, live music is given only one service per month. 25 inmates (or so) come out for service (less than 10% of the population) and we harbor hopes that different music might increase numbers.

If you know of someone who has the skill and interest, please feel welcome to share this announcement with them. It’s not etched in stone, but as Shutter Creek Correctional Institute is a male only pre-release facility (minimum security)… this gig will be more comfortable for men.

There is no special requirement that involvement be regular (although that is certainly possible and most welcome.) Worship Leaders from out of the Coos Bay / North Bend area are encouraged to volunteer. If your gift is exposition, you’d be welcome to bring a message as well.

Finally, let’s relax expectations. The opportunity to fellowship and mentor is the primary objective. No one expects a group of musicians to sound professional under these circumstances. It’s truly a "joyful noise" sometimes. Remember playing in your high school garage band? This is way looser than that.

Please don’t hesitate to email or phone with questions / suggestions!

God Bless,

David G.


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