The Model Life Pictured: Sermon On the Mount.

Perhaps we need to get out of the chair in church and back to the application of scripture to living life as Jesus did?
Perhaps it will benefit us get out of the chair in church and back to the ‘nature of Christ.’ Can the application of the Beatitudes as a ‘Lens” for viewing scripture illuminate living life as Jesus intended?

Jesus was the only man who ever lived out all of the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus, in living His life, was perfect in every aspect of the eight Beatitudes.

Taken as a whole, the words of Jesus that we know as the “Sermon on the Mount”, encapsulate something we can only aspire to.  Does that seem odd to you?

Jesus begins His ministry with the Beatitudes. His objective was to show us how one exists in a Godly life and that God will bless those who live these principles.

“Blessed are those…” What does that MEAN!?

Just this: To enjoy God working His perfect will in ones life.

So, the Beatitudes are a formula. A lens through which spirituality is viewed. OK. How can we apply the word of God to ‘Recovery’ work? The arrangement of the Beatitudes in the following manner results in a method.

The Beatitudes’ as an Applicational Lens:

  • The first two establish the foundation for our relationship with God.
  • The next two establish foundations for the relationship we have with ourselves.
  • The next two establish foundations for relationships with others.
  • The seventh represents God’s manifestation in our lives. If we correctly apply  the first six Beatitudes… We will naturally carry the message of Christ to others.
  • And the eighth – shows us how to measure our progress. If you’re doing the seventh, you’ll experience the eighth.

Yes, there is a biblical basis for this “view” of the Beatitudes.  (Maybe more will get posted on this subject, stay tuned to this blog?) But you have to view these instructions from Jesus SPIRITUALLY. Interpreting the beatitudes with temporal objectives leads to shallow legalism and eventually disappointment in God’s delivery.

Phonies read the beatitudes to see how to get what they want.

Importantly, the eight Beatitudes form principles that we find in various recovery programs.  In reality, all 12-step systems trace their roots to these truths. Celebrate Recovery, for instance, uses the eight Beatitudes to frame classical 12-step processes.

Something to Note: If you aren’t experiencing persecution for Christ’s sake (this does not imply meddling in other peoples affairs) — you’re not done applying the first six Beatitudes.

Ultimately, there is only one step. Repentance (to turn away from sin) is the result of conviction we experience in life. At some level everyone knows right from wrong. Stepping toward Christ begins the process. Why turn away from evil?

We’ve heard it said:  “We only change when the pain of not changing exceeds the pain of changing.”

The better way is obedience in the presence of true love. This is possible in the life outlined by the Beatitudes. I change because it pleases the one I love. This is not some awful human co-dependence!! It’s spiritual dependence on Jesus. Which is: Independence from self and being held hostage by feelings, being a prisoner of sin.

“Blessed are the poor in Spirit. for theirs is the Kingdom of God” Mt. 5:3

Kingdom of God? That’s everything. Isn’t it?

Pleasing Jesus can never lead one into temptation, but only to a rich life now and even more to come in the next. Witnessing to his impact in ones life only sometimes requires words.

“What you do speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you say.” – RW Emerson.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired?  Get Jesus.  Then start working His program!

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