A Life Sentence — For what??!

A father is going to prison for life — for talking about drugs. Isn’t it time we stopped inflicting vicious “War on Drugs” consequences on our innocent families?

Authorities never found any drugs, so as far as our justice system is concerned — this isn’t about possession.

Roderick “Rudd” Walker has been sentenced to spend the rest of his life behind bars – a life sentence without the chance of parole – for the non-violent offense of Conspiracy to Distribute LSD. He was charged with conspiracy because he was never actually found with any LSD.

For our part at Letgoletgod.org — this kind of absurd situation is all to common.

The rest of the story is even more depressing.  Damage to his family, his ability in the future to be a contributing member of our society and the astronomical expense we will incur — are discussed online at Change.org.

Read all about it and sign a petition asking for Rodney’s clemency at Change.org.

If the War on Drugs hasn’t been the biggest failed Domestic and Foreign Policy of the US Government in our history, what’s been worse?  It’s cost way more lives than all of our wars since Korea — and left families with no support!

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