Miracles do happen! Testimony from the E.R.

ER BedAt a Celebrate Recovery Inside meeting a couple of weeks ago, one of the members shared that his son – an addict – had been found lifeless.

911 was called, EMTs rushed him to the hospital. There, he was resuscitated and placed on life-support. At the time we heard about it, he had remained in coma for a few days. We stopped the meeting and standing together, lifted the young man in prayer. We made prayers for his healing, restoration and recovery, but also for the family and that this tragedy would be used by the Lord for good.

This week we learned new details…

First, that after our meeting two weeks ago, his condition had become so dire that DOC Administrators made an unusual accommodation — they organized transportation and brought his father (in chains, hands & ankles) from prison to visit bedside. During that visit the physicians and staff made it abundantly clear to his father that the young man’s condition was essentially terminal.

His brain was not responsive, liver and kidneys had ceased functioning. Death wasn’t far.

They surmised that if he awoke at all, it would be in a vegetative state and that transplants would be difficult to arrange for someone in that condition.

And then sometime earlier this week (we don’t know which day), he awoke. Fully conscious. When they tried to get him to eat Jell-O, he pushed the cup away and asked for steak. His organ failure? Disappeared.

He will make a full recovery.

Many others were involved in prayer, to be sure.

So for today, we’re enjoying the account and giving God all the glory.  


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