Bandon Retirement Community Ministry Opportunities

HymnbookYesterday, after “Hymns and Bible Stories” at Herritage Place ( — The coordinators asked: Could we come more frequently?  I hope we didn’t hesitate when we said yes, but the truth is — we’re busy, and we’re not sure how it will all work out.

So, evidently the Lord is working.  I think I can point to some things that have brought this about…

  • Residents have responded to opportunities to sing, listen to scripture and visit about Bible stories.
  • Ownership of the Herritage Place property changed recently…
  • New Management noticed the resident’s interest — and recently created policies aimed at increasing Christian activities. (I confess, this kind of shocked me)

And then this morning, praying … I understood:  Others should be involved. Young people, middle aged … everyone welcome.  New ideas, most welcome.

Hymnbook 2Do you live near Bandon? Would you enjoy a regular schedule of reading and discussing Gods Word with the Elderly?  No experience required… just patience and a love of reading scripture and talking about God?

Please contact us or connect with resources directly at this link

Would you share this information with your circle?

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