Facts of Christ’s life — Easter’s Truth.

Scripture is based in History.  Josephus and others recorded the facts of Christ's life and resurrection
Scripture is based in History. Josephus and others recorded the facts of Christ’s life and resurrection

A letter from Alistair Begg that came in the mail this week discussed the facts of Christ’s life.

Alistair’s letter reminded me of Author Lee Strobel – an attorney and former atheist who, through doing a thorough search for truth, came to faith. In his book the “The Case for Christ“, Lee gives a solid explanation of where the historical and scientific evidence point.  Which is toward the existence of a compassionate Creator God and his Son, Jesus, the Savior.

“The most marvelous thing in God’s creation, the most wonderful thing in world history, is that God loved sinners and sent His Son to save them.” – JJ Packer

What are the Christian facts?  Did Christ come and do all these things?

“We as Christians affirm the truth declared in Scripture that not only was Jesus dead and buried, but “he was raised on the third day.”  Alistair goes on to say: “Christ’s death on the cross is a forcible reminder that our Christian faith is based in historical fact.  … When talking with people about these things, I often point out that if Jesus is not raised from the dead than Christianity is irrelevant.  However if He is alive, then Christianity is supremely Relevant.”

The discussion I had with my neighbor about joining us for Easter services included this kind of reality check.  But it’s a great one for me, personally as well.

History speaks of Christ – recording the time and places for all those witnesses to his death and resurrection.  Not just in the Bible — but trusted other Historians record these things.

Denial is more difficult in the face of facts, but we still suffer those delusions.  Some will still be deaf to the “Message”.  Pray for them!

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