Kudos Neil — The Cosmos can’t lie.

These thoughts were placed on the Hayden Planetarium website, addressed to Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Central to the question of Science in conflict with scripture is the nature of how Theologians are blind to the derivative relativism of their thinking.  An echo chamber of traditions should not supersede God given gifts (and powers) of deduction.  As indicated elsewhere in this blog Mathematics may be the divine “Logos.”


I know it’s unlikely you’ll receive this message. But here’s a line of reasoning by which I hope to encourage you.

Scripture actually tells us that Creation testifies to God’s existence. You won’t hear it often connected in this sense, but Creation is how the Church typically resolves the problem of “Pygmy’s in the Jungle.”  How does God handle these souls, having had no opportunity to “hear the Gospel?”  Answer: His witness is Creation.

There are believers who completely embrace Cosmology. Being one of them, I’m ashamed of confrontational “Flat-Earth” Fundamentalists. Their type is actually forecast in the Bible, and they are as predicted — blind to their error (like the Pharisees were.)

Here’s the helpful bit. Creation and Scripture MUST attest God’s existence to a true believer — EQUALLY.

A problem injects itself when Theologians assume a man-made hierarchy of truth. In using the written word in this manner, they assert hermeneutically that Creation is subject to the confines / defines of scripture.  Six days is well, just plain six calendar days.  And so also six thousand years infers young-earth pseudo-science.  Such deceits are concocted to distort, mislead and confine their followers.  Pathetic, actually.  Heart breaking.  I wish they would see.

Evidently few realize these rational faults. I know I get hammered for pointing them out. But here is that line of reasoning: We begin from the premise that Cosmology and Scripture must be equally truthful.  When we can’t resolve the intimate inequalities, it’s like reconciling Relativity and Quantum theories.  There must be a relationship, but for now it’s our puny human understanding that postpones solving the equation.

The scientific method actually provides great affirmation. Science goes about discovery elegantly through agnostic / atheistic truth-seeking: hypothesis, test, evaluate, verify.  Yet Science must attest God’s existence. Because Truth is truth. (Wait for it …)

One of the biggest complaints voiced by the present-day activist confrontational Church — is the absence of absolutes in a morally decaying culture.  It’s so oddly ironic: It’s the hypocrisy inherent in the “relativism” of their own thinking that has brought them into this indefensible echo-chamber of “Flat Earth” false-faith.

Science informs Faith.  It’s why we’re onboard with the Hawking assertion that the Big Bang requires no “prime mover.” It must be this way, for heavens sake!!  Science could never prove or disprove God.  There would be no room for faith.

And so if the agnostic / atheistic non-believer in their condescension — belittle those who’s faith ascribes hope;  Who’s the diminished party in that equation?  Occam’s Wrazor might powerfully inform the faithless of an unperceived, simpler explanation.  But to dogmatically and blindly assert it as truth over a position taken in faith is to assign value where there is none.  It’s hypocrisy again.  We should recognize that it’s faith that informs the search — be it within the realm of unknown physics or in the realm of hoped for spirituality.

And so: Science can inform Faith.  But Faith cannot inform Science — only draw it forward.  Science must exist in a faithless vacuum or it’s not science.

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