On what to do with life?

I was recently asked (rhetorically I suppose) the following question by a massively hungover alcoholic who’s illness has been progressing for many years…

“What is there left for me? What should I do with the rest of my life? I’ve wasted so much of it…”

The Earth remains God’s Garden. He’s looking for workers to tend it and care for his people. Three times He said to Peter “Feed my Sheep” and then finished by saying “Follow me.” John 21:15-19

Amazingly, I was able to keep silent. This is THE question, isn’t it? The one we all face.

Addicts / Alcoholics / others — suffer the condemnation and cajoling of peers, stumping for some sort of boot-strapped self-improvement, moralistic revitalization — our weakened brothers have heard it all so many times before. Crushed under burden of guilt, shame – morbid hopelessness keeps washing them back into the drug or drink, or sex or gambling — you name the compulsion. “…anything!; Give me relief, let me be numb to this regret.” Hideous selfishness buried in addiction. Rationalizing another indulgence or debauch to escape reality.  Observers can only see enormous waste.

Fascinating people “use” to escape reality.  Doesn’t that infer that they know the truth?

So, what to do with life?

There is an option to live life to full goodness, in service of good things. Flourish in the denial of an ugly self. Be present, helpful. Encouraging. Strengthen the weak limbs of the body (of believers) … heal wounds. Push our roots down deep into sweet water — grow powerfully into the source of life.

With God all things are possible.  Even addicts and alcoholics can turn from denial and “Rational Lies” to the truth.

So the options? Live in waste. Or a life of beauty and fruit. A choice we make each day.

Where will I invest myself?

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