Step 4 — Exercises

Step 4 is daunting. “Fearless Spiritual and Moral Inventory.” ???

So far as this writer is concerned that inventory should also account “Character Defects” — because the Moral, Spiritual and Character aspects all have different application — if you tease out their scriptural meanings. (more on these in a another post perhaps?) What follows is documentation for some fellows who’ve been tugging at these threads…

Secular 12-step programs culminate with:

Step 12. Having had a spiritual experience as the result of this course of action, we tried to carry this message to others, especially alcoholics, and to practice these things in all our affairs

Christians start out with a spiritual experience — that of rebirth.  Jesus said:

You should not be surprised at my saying, ‘You must be born again.’ John 3:7

So traditional “Recovery” programs begin somewhere,

Confused? Draw near to the Lord and He will draw near to you.
MORAL COMPASS Confused? Draw near to the Lord and He will draw near to you.

take steps and arrive at spirituality with a temporal focus — being “restored to sanity.”

Christian Re-creation in Christ begins spiritually and culminates with a Soul ready for eternity. Sanctification is intimately related to a faithful walk with the Lord. Whoops. There’s that word “Faith” — it’s not in secular recovery much is it?

Do we find the proposition confusing?  A Spiritual & Moral inventory — “Character Defects?”  If not, take another look.

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