Eternity is at stake

Simply put: the god of AA is not the same as Jesus — who is the author and finisher, the central meaning and objective found in Christian scripture.   The positions and procedural elements developed by Bill W and Dr. Bob are most certainly rooted in Christian principles — absent something of critical importance.

AA provides the precepts and an environment for Human Character development.  This is accomplished by letting go of destructive behaviors and replacing them with preferable, more normative cultural standards.  The context is willful self-development accountable within the peer group known as the “Family Group” of AA.  Despite spiritual assertions, this development exists as empty temporalism — meaning the affects are accomplished in the present and the rewards are received in this life.  The purpose of AA is an improved present existence.  There is no inference or provision made for eternity.

Christianity is the narrow path to Eternal development.  Jesus Christ offers a free gift of salvation from destruction.  It is obtainable only by submission and acceptance.  There is no repetitive, ongoing willful aspect to accomplish — the human contribution is limited only to the perception of God in His way.  E.g., reckoning that we live in sin, separated from God — and choosing to accept forgiveness.  Jesus says His “yoke is easy and his burden light” — these describe affects of spiritual submission.  Our work with Jesus is confined to an aspiring faith.  The effects are known (seen by others) in how our we live presently, but the rewards are in Eternity.

“The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.” John 6:29.

Christian life is not easy — we continue to exist in this temporal plane and experience all of the commensurate pains, and then some — because following Christ in our daily walk requires a great deal of personal sacrifice.  This is what it means to serve Christ:  That one takes up ones cross daily.   Much explanation is required.  Suffice it to say that we make a daily sacrifice of our self-interest in favor of serving Christ selflessly.  Christianity is not about the works we do, it’s about letting go of our interests in favor of the interests of the Kingdom of God.  Then, everything we accomplish is credited to God, not to us.

It seems evident that the “B’s” purposefully obfuscated their method (diluting Christianity) accomplishing an easier Way.

They err in favor of inclusion (God as we came to understand him) — because their care was to outline a message that worked for human addicts — regardless of spiritual condition.  One notes that AA spiritual aspects exist as a by-product of processing steps.  “It works if you work it.”  I think this is admirable, in the sense that if one can become sober, one can certainly hear the call of God.   But being sober isn’t a prerequisite hearing from God — just a preferable place of embarkation.

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